StemLife Fulfilment Team

StemLife is dedicated to providing quality express handling, cool & secure chain logistics services round the clock for sensitive medical products employing international best practices in temperature, time & risk management for optimal viability and cell recovery.


Fleet of Express Vehicles

StemLife owns dedicated vehicles for the express handling of precious specimens. Transfers are coordinated with precise scheduling for efficient, reliable, and safe transport.


Stemlife Shipping System

StemLife packing system is backed by a time & temperature validated protocol that maintains cells within ideal temperatures. Utilising IATA compliant packaging, the team provides safe & secure conditions for best outcome during transport.


GPS & CRM Tracking System

Systems have been developed to monitor and track specimens in transit at all times. Procedures are also in place to ensure predictable, on-time, accurate and efficient services.


Transportation of Specimens

The services are managed by staff trained and highly experienced in shipping of biological products. The cryo-shipper is validated to keep stem cells at the ideal temperature for 8 days. Team members have experience in handling local and international transport of stem cells since 2003.