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Crucial tools for mommies-to-be

Nowadays there are many tools available to check whether or not you are pregnant. From how to use a home pregnancy test, to the best time to use the pregnancy kit to estimating delivery date and more. Check out some of them here. Download a simple infographic here for moments from signs of pregnancy to confirming a pregnancy.

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3 crucial tools for mommies-to-be

Nowadays there are so many tools you can use to check your ovulation period, pregnancy test period and your estimated delivery date.

Here we have some tools you can use to check all of them!


Ovulation calculator

Are you currently trying to conceive and not sure when exactly is your ovulation period? Well, there is no way for sure that you can get the exact date of it but you can get an estimation of your fertile period in which your eggs will be released.

Find your most fertile days here.


Pregnancy calculator

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, the next thing you want to know is, “When will I deliver the baby?” Before seeing the doctor for your first antenatal check up, you can also check your estimated delivery date here.

When to test for pregnancy


When you are at the conceiving stage, you are always excited and curious to know whether you’re pregnant or not, especially when you are 1 week away from your next menstrual cycle. You will keep looking for potential pregnancy symptoms and even want to test as soon as you can. 


So when exactly should you start testing for pregnancy? You can calculate when is the most ideal time for you to test for pregnancy at this link here. Just so you know, testing too early can give false negative and less accurate results.


Normally, the most accurate result is when you are one-day late for your period. However, there are also certain pregnancy tests with a high accuracy rate that can help you detect your pregnancy earlier than that.