7 reasons you should bank cord blood

Cord blood and cord lining contain more primitive stem cells than other sources, making them more powerful.

Your baby’s cord blood will always be a perfect match to him or her. It is readily available for a number of conditions if needed in the future.

More than 80 diseases can be treated with cord blood, and over 60,000 transplants have taken place worldwide.

Clinical studies using cord blood stem cells are actively being done for the potential treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes, spinal cord injury and more.

Cord blood collection can only be done right after birth

It is never wrong to be ready for any possibilities especially the unpredictable ones

60% higher chance of finding a matching cord blood unit in the family versus bone marrow in the family


Umbilical cord banking

Making the most valuable health investments for your child

Parents will always want the best for their children.

Same like the other health investments, umbilical cord banking also helps to keep your mind at peace. Check out why these parents decided to bank their baby’s cord blood!

Video from : StemLife Berhad

Not only it keeps your mind at peace,

cord blood and cord lining banking has life-saving potentials.

Let’s watch this video to learn more!

Video from : StemLife Berhad


When should we start?

The best time to consider cord blood and cord lining banking is anytime before you give birth.

Recommendation: Around the start of second trimester.

Make your health investments for your child now

You may not need it now, but when you do, you will be prepared. Get started with us.