7 reasons you should bank cord blood

We become more vulnerable to diseases as we age. Research shows that 1 in 3 people will benefit from regenerative medicine therapy.¹

You're more likely to find a cord blood match within the family compared to bone marrow, which means your family member can get treatment sooner.² The World Marrow Donor Association reports that as many as 15,000 patients per year cannot find matching cord blood despite public cord blood banks having over 8 million units ready for transplant.³

Studies have shown that transplant complications are lower when patients get stem cell from a family member.

Scientists have already shown that stem cells can help treat a wide range of diseases, and they are looking into more diseases to see how stem cells can treat them.⁴

You only have one chance to collect your baby's valuable cord blood and that is at birth. Once missed, this opportunity is lost forever.

Your baby's stem cells are young and have not been exposed to anything potentially harmful in the environment.

Yes, cord blood banking isn't just for your baby- it benefits your whole family. There's a better chance of finding a match within the family compared to bone marrow.²


Umbilical cord banking

Making the most valuable health investments for your child

Parents will always want the best for their children.

Storing baby's cord blood creates a safety net for future medical needs, offering reassurance and comfort to families against the unpredictable. Check out how baby's cord blood saved the family's life.

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Not only it keeps your mind at peace,

cord blood and cord lining banking has life-saving potentials.

Let’s watch this video to learn more!

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When should we start?

The best time is now! As a pregnant mother, you should consider cord blood banking as early as possible during your pregnancy to ensure you have enough time to make informed decision and complete the necessary arrangements.

Make your health investments for your family now

Be prepared for the unexpected. Begin by making a well-informed choice.