Make a Payment


StemLife shall provide refunds as follows:

  1. All fees paid to StemLife will be fully refunded, if there is non-collection of the Cord blood / Cord tissue Unit by the attending doctor.
  2. Apart from non-collection of Cord blood / Cord tissue Unit, please refer to the terms and conditions of refund in the service agreement that you have entered with StemLife.
  3. Terms of Refund are primarily governed under the Service Agreement. Any discrepancy between this Terms of Refund and the Service Agreement, the Service Agreement shall prevail.

Biller Code: 72181
Ref-1: Mother or Father’s NRIC Number
Ref-2: Mobile Number

  1. Go to and follow the steps to complete payment.
  2. Click here for detailed payer guide.

Applicable for Public Bank only.

Cheque payable to STEMLIFE BERHAD
Account Number: 3-1370080-26

Kindly email the bank in slip to or WhatsApp to  +6016-261 6112 and indicating:

  1. Mother or Father’s Name
  2. Mother or Father’s NRIC Number
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Contract Number
  1. Transfer from any major bank in Malaysia to Public Bank Account Number: 3-1370080-26
  2. Account Holder Name: STEMLIFE BERHAD
  3. Recipient’s Reference: Mother or Father’s NRIC Number
  4. Other Payment Details: Mobile Number
  5. Kindly email the transfer acknowledgement to or  WhatsApp to +6016-261 6112 .
  1. Register by filling up the Card Authorisation Form here.
  2. Kindly email the duly completed and signed letter to or  WhatsApp to +6016-261 6112 .